I am an INFJ. My mum, who is an amazing person and has contributed hugely to the person I am today, is struggling. She is depressed which causes her to overeat to the point of morbid obesity which feeds into her depression. She started gambling her rent money away, feeding further into her depression. I can feel her pain as if it were my own.. It is just me in her life. Am at breaking point- trying to go to university to do social work- energy depleted. Worried i will never fulfill potential.

I’m sorry for the delay in response, this has been a busy week for me. :)

It sounds you just need a little break. As an INFJ it is easy to ignore our needs when someone else is in trouble. And when that happens, we get tired easily. In order to prevent a break down, I would recommend finding a little time to read a book. Books are a wonderful way to escape our world and take a little break while still being their for our loved ones. And when your mother gets better, and you get time off from school, I would take a much needed vacation!

And don’t worry about not reaching your full potential, you will get there soon, I promise. :)